Software Upgrades

Customers with current Maintenance for their Symantec product are entitled to upgrade to the latest version of that product or its successor at no extra cost. Maintenance is always purchased for a specific term. "Current" means that the Maintenance term has not lapsed or been terminated, and the Maintenance entitlement is in effect.

Symantec On-Premise Software Products

Software Version Upgrades are an important benefit of current Maintenance that protect your Symantec software investment and are essential to continued security protection and optimal product performance.

Remember Maintenance is sold for a finite term (minimum one year) and must be renewed for continued access to your benefits including Version Upgrades, critical content updates, product updates and technical support. Find out how to renew.

Software Upgrade Benefits

  • Cost savings – free of charge access to the latest major software releases during the Maintenance term.
  • Cutting edge features delivering the latest technology and security advances.
  • Improved and expanded product functionality, compatibility and platform support.
  • Smart innovations including automation and simplified centralized management.
  • Continued adherence to compliance protocols.
  • Ongoing supportability.

Notification Process

Symantec automatically notifies eligible customers about Software Version Upgrades. Email notifications are sent to those customer contacts who have been designated as Technical Contacts or License Owners. It is important that the appropriate recipient(s) receive Version Upgrade notifications so email addresses should be valid and up to date. To update your contact information, please contact Symantec Customer Care or find out How to Add or Change Named Technical Contacts.

Upgrade Process

Upon a major release of a new software version, Symantec notifies its eligible customers by email. The notification provides instructions on how to access the pending upgrade opportunity. Some notifications will direct customers to the MySymantec customer portal to access their Software Version Upgrade (using the VU Notification ID provided).

Eligible customers who do not receive email notifications can visit MySymantec to view pending upgrade entitlements using the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Login to an existing* account.
  3. Once logged in click the Licensing button
  4. Then, click on Version Upgrade button
  5. Click the I do not have a notification ID button
  6. Follow the instructions on the pages to obtain your upgrade.

*If a new account is created, please contact Symantec Customer Support to link existing licenses to the new account. 

Tip: Check if you’re running the latest version - Select your product and check the latest release details.
Visit Getting Started page for more information on how to download, activate and manage your product and get the most from your Symantec investment.

Importance of Keeping Maintenance Current

Maintenance enables your Symantec product to constantly perform, evolve and adapt: critical security intelligence and innovative updates protect you and your investment, while round-the-clock technical assistance gives you peace of mind:

  • Critical security content updates that provide first line defense against the latest attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Important product updates that improve functionality and optimize product performance.
  • Version upgrades that deliver major security advances, cutting-edge features and technology innovations to stay ahead of cybercrime.
  • 24/7 technical support for rapid response and issue resolution to minimize downtime

Your entitlement to access these Maintenance benefits ends on expiry date and must be renewed for continued access*. Renew on time, always. Speak to your reseller or find out how to renew.

*You must be properly licensed with current Maintenance in order to access Maintenance benefits. Learn more

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Symantec Online Services

Symantec Online Services including cloud and hosted products are sold via subscription. There is no need to upgrade your software as you are always on the latest version: your product or service is continuously updated giving you seamless access to the latest features, enhancements and technological innovations. 

Remember, your subscription is for a predetermined term and must be renewed for continued access to both your service and Maintenance benefits. View more information on Renewals.


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