Cyber Security Solutions for Retail

Leverage a powerful combination of embedded security, consulting, encryption, and data loss prevention to protect your customers and your brand.

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Consolidate Information Protection

Data protection in the retail industry often suffers from coverage gaps and vulnerabilities. Most protection that does exist – often guided by PCI auditors – is a confusing patchwork of point solutions that are difficult to monitor and untrustworthy in a crisis. 

Symantec combines solutions and services for a unified approach.

  • Data Loss Prevention solutions integrate discovery, monitoring, protection, and management of confidential data wherever it is stored or used
  • Encryption solutions protect data on mobile endpoints or trigger Safe Harbor exemptions when data is moved suspiciously
  • Consulting services help to address process gaps and make information protection programmatic
Consolidate Information Protection

Defend Against Targeted Attacks

PCI compliance is just the beginning of your information protection program. To effectively manage security across an extended network that includes headquarters, stores, and mobile networks, you need a unified solution that includes: 

  • Endpoint and Advanced Threat Protection to safeguard endpoints and PoS devices
  • Strong authentication and certificate management across devices, applications, and users
  • Two-factor authentication for high-value or high-sensitivity transactions 
Defend Against Targeted Attacks

Invest in Intelligence and Training

Retailers are fighting an asymmetric battle. Unknown adversaries deploy seemingly limitless resources to launch increasingly sophisticated, multi-staged advanced targeted attacks.

Improve your odds by investing in intelligence and training services that keep your teams ahead of an evolving threat landscape. 

  • Threat awareness data feeds correlate your security logs with information about the external environment
  • Predictive Actionable intelligence anticipates emerging threats
  • Training and simulation builds a security culture and improves your security team’s skill set


Invest in Intelligence and Training

Leverage a Team of Global Experts

Half of enterprise retailers worry about their ability to respond to new threats. Their most common concern? Staffing. It’s difficult to find and hire and skilled security experts.

Symantec maintains a world-class team of trained security professionals to help with global threat monitoring 24/7/365, in addition to security management services and emergency incident preparation and response.

Leverage a Team of Global Experts