Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance

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You made the move to the cloud-based Office 365 to simplify IT operations and reduce costs. But Microsoft-native protections aren’t enough for the cloud security and compliance challenges as your sensitive data moves between endpoints, clouds, and third parties.

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The Guide to Protecting Microsoft Office 365 from Security Threats by ESG

The built-in Office 365 security features are designed to meet the needs of many—but extra security may be necessary to address the unique, additional needs of your business to safeguard your data. Enterprise Strategy Group teamed with Symantec to bring you this guide to help you:

  • Migrate your email securely to Office 365
  • Ensure email, files, and other sensitive information are safe in the cloud office
  • Consider supplemental security solutions for best-in-class Office 365 security and compliance


Prevent Account Takeovers, Ransomware Attacks, and Data Loss

The move to cloud applications such as Office 365 has brought many benefits but has also come with a price. Organizations have lost security visibility and control. From phishing to ransomware to data loss—Office 365 changes security constructs. Learn how Symantec can help you:

  • Identify malicious account takeover attempts
  • Prevent ransomware infections via Office 365
  • Ensure sensitive data remains secured

Office 365 is great for collaboration—but not for preventing data exposure. Now What?

You’re worried about account takeover attacks in Office 365. Now What?

Preventing ransomware infections via Office 365 is new territory. Now What?

Protect your most sensitive data with protection for Office 365 and all cloud services

  • Automatically detect key intellectual property and compliance-sensitive information across Office 365—OneDrive, Email, SharePoint, Yammer, Azure—as well as more than 100 cloud applications.
  • Implement simple yet uncompromising data security to control access to your cloud office; step up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to assure authorized access; and add a layer of message and file encryption to protect against breaches and fulfill GDPR requirements.
  • Unify data protection policies, incidents, and reporting for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, Amazon Web Services, and 100+ SaaS apps. Apply the same policy orchestration to your on-prem data, endpoint protection, and network data loss prevention.

Safely Transition to Office 365 Email

Email is treacherous: it’s the one direct path from cyber criminals to your employees. Bar the gate with Symantec Email, delivering the highest antispam and anti-malware effectiveness available.

  • Isolate potentially malicious links used in spear phishing and credential attacks, bolstering your Office 365 email security.
  • Block sophisticated business email compromise (BEC) attacks using advanced methods far beyond sender authentication protocols.
  • Scan and remove malware files with advanced machine learning, sandboxing, and behavioral analysis engines.
  • Get targeted attack analytics with the intelligence to identify and remediate highly advanced email security attacks.

Office 365 security from the leading cloud access security broker

Symantec CloudSOC secures your email and apps against threats, protects your confidential data, and lets you control how your accounts and the content within are accessed, used, and shared.

  • Secure your transition to Office 365 email and apps and to the broader world of SaaS cloud apps and infrastructure services.
  • Gain unparalleled visibility, control, access governance, data security, and threat protection for Office 365 and beyond.


Your Data and Apps Moved to the Cloud — So Can Your Security

Moving to the cloud introduces new security and compliance risks, but it also enables tremendous new defensive strategies. Cloud-delivered network security adds flexibility and boosts performance of Office 365, while protecting users with consistent threat prevention and data compliance policies—wherever they go.

Symantec Web Security Service delivers a broad set of advanced capabilities—including a secure web gateway (SWG), anti-virus scanning, sandboxing, web isolation, data loss prevention (DLP), and email security. As your users directly access the web, you can extend consistent policies that follow your sensitive data wherever it goes. Symantec Web Security Service provides:

  • Symantec Web Isolation—Prevent websites from delivering zero-day malware to employees.
  • High-performance cloud infrastructure with content peering for Microsoft and other Cloud SaaS providers
  • Automated security policies that adapt to changes in Microsoft Office 365.

Securing Data and Email in Office 365

Join ESG industry analyst Mark Bowker, Insight’s Cloud Security Architect, Richard Diver, and Symantec’s System Engineering Manager, Jereme Lee, to learn how to:

  • Get the most out of your Office 365 instance by enhancing cloud security
  • Understand what security Microsoft offers and how Symantec complements their offering
  • Enhance your Office 365 email, app, and data security , which can be used across all your cloud apps

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