Threat Protection Services for Global Service Providers

Protect networks from spam, malware, botnets, and more for expanded awareness.

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Provide Comprehensive Threat Protection as a Service.

With advanced threat protection services, networks are optimized while threat defense becomes key to increasing revenue.

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection goes beyond basic signature-based malware detection by integrating detection, prevention, recovery, and remediation. Global Service Providers can build a highly trusted relationship with their customers together with Symantec.

Provide Comprehensive Threat Protection as a Service

Endpoint Protection for All Devices

Anti-malware for consumers, SMB, and enterprises

Symantec is the proven leader in protecting devices from laptops to mobile. Norton is the consumer brand, while Symantec is the brand that our enterprise customers depend on.

With machine learning, powerful analytics, and over 500 researchers, our threat protection services leverage 3.7 trillion rows of telemetry to detect, block, and remediate threats. Our Global Intelligence Network covers 175 million endpoints with 57 million sensors in 157 countries.

Cyber Security is complex. If you are planning on providing Security Services for your subscribers, Symantec is enabling Global Service Providers to provide the most comprehensive solutions available.

Endpoint Protection for All Devices

Protecting Cloud Apps Like Microsoft® Office 365

When apps are in the cloud, security is critical

Protecting your customers’ data has never been more important, especially in the cloud. Enterprises are moving email to the cloud to cut costs and improve agility, but they’re worried about losing control of confidential data and information. Symantec enables Service Providers to accelerate cloud adoption by providing greater security, control, and visibility over cloud-based email.

Easy to deploy, Email Security.Cloud protects emails in the cloud with features like Email Protect and Email Safeguard. Email Protect includes targeted attack protection, real-time link following, advanced malware protection, antimalware, antispam, and outbound filtering. Email Safeguard adds privacy and control with Data Protection (HIPPA, PCI, GLBA, ITAR), image control, encryption, DLP, policy management, and remediation.

  • SaaS based service
  • Handles over 30 percent of the world’s email, over 8 billion emails a day
Protecting cloud apps like Microsoft® Office 365

Mobile Apps Can Be Malicious

Emerging threats target mobile devices

The risks of downloading malicious mobile apps are globally underestimated. Service Providers can increase ARPU and reduce churn by validating apps prior to installation. Symantec App Insight can help educate subscribers relative to the app choices they make, and in return will make them feel safer and in more control of their device.

Mobile App Validation Service For Service Providers

  • Network optimization
  • Help reduce desk calls
  • Customer loyalty increased
Mobile Apps Can Be Malicious

Protect Information From Leakage

Without strong controls for how information is accessed and powerful tools to protect it, businesses continue to be at risk of unauthorized access and exfiltration of sensitive data.

Protect Information From Leakage

Biometrics Simplify Password Protection

With the greatest risk of breach coming from stolen passwords, adding biometrics to a security strategy just makes sense. Unauthorized transactions from stolen pin numbers can now be dramatically reduced with forced 2-factor authentication.

When risk factors at the ATM or Point of Sale are high, ask for bio-pin authorization on a mobile device before locking the account for fraud protection.

For enterprises, deploy single sign-on with bio authentication and the volume of costly password resets will dramatically drop.

  • Reduce unauthorized access
  • Reduce password resets
  • Enable simple authentication

Data Loss Prevention

Global leader in Data Loss Prevention

Now that work takes place all over the Internet, in the cloud, and on mobile devices, organizations are abandoning the idea of simple perimeter defense. When there is no perimeter, data is at its most vulnerable, and leaders must secure the aspects they can control to protect their intellectual property, identity, and information.

Network Intelligence Drives Network Security

Symantec’s ability to derive actionable intelligence comes from over 3.7 trillion rows of telemetry, machine learning, and powerful analytics. With the largest civilian intelligence network globally, Symantec intelligence powers security solutions on endpoints, in servers, in gateways, in the cloud, and on the network.

Network Intelligence Drives Network Security

DeepSight Intelligence

DeepSight Intelligence is a cloud-based threat intelligence platform that employs one of the industry’s largest commercial threat collection networks to deliver a comprehensive range of timely adversary and technical cyber threat intelligence through a customizable portal. Technical intelligence from DeepSight includes vulnerability, security risk, malcode, network, and file reputation intelligence.

  • Relevant
  • Context-rich
  • Timely
  • Accurate
DeepSight Intelligence


Identify URLs for policy enforcement.

Symantec RuleSpace offers an advanced web intelligence solution to enable vendors to ensure a safe web environment for users and companies without impacting their web experience.


Email Security

Protect critical communications

Protecting email and web access is critical for Service Providers.  With the overwhelming adoption of cloud email with offerings like Microsoft® Office 365, enterprises are challenged with protecting their critical information. 

Symantec enables Service Providers to accelerate cloud adoption by providing greater control and visibility over cloud email.

Email Security

Enabling Powerful New Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security has never been more top of mind for consumers and enterprises alike. Symantec is working diligently to deliver security solutions together with the world’s largest Service Providers in the Cloud and online. We’ve redesigned our offers and created complete solutions to solve current security challenges, from connected cars to connected homes.

Enabling Powerful New Cyber Security Services

Security Ecosystem

Cloud marketplaces drive service acceleration

Symantec partners closely with some of the industry’s leading Cloud Marketplace vendors, including Odin, AppDirect, and others. By leveraging a Cloud Marketplace vendor, Global Service Providers can accelerate their time to market, avoiding complex integration for each new solution.

  • Rapid time to market
  • Standardized APIs
  • Product bundling and campaigns
Security Ecosystem

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Secure Connected Car, Connected Home, and more

Service Providers can capitalize on secure IOT offerings and "secure by design" by embedding security into their home gateways and home automation equipment in addition to authentication meant to prevent unauthorized remote access to connected cars. Service Providers are in a unique position to control security for increasingly connected things.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Future-proofing Networks

Security by design in SDN/NFV

As Service Providers realize the benefit of network virtualization, opportunities for dynamic and personalized security have become possible. Leading Service Providers are exploring dynamic and contextual policy enforcement to deliver accurate and timely security with individualized policy management.

The impact and value of dynamic security orchestration in an NFV environment cannot be over-estimated. This TM Forum Catalyst, “Security Functions in NFV”, demonstrates how security functions can be exposed to a northbound orchestration layer via a unified API. The aim is to offer functionality such as packet inspection, browsing protection, and source reputation checking to enable operators to speed up implementation and cut costs, thus allowing them to offer security as a service.