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Symantec Drive Encryption (powered by PGP Technology)

Transparent drive encryption for laptops, desktops and removable media
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Strong encryption and security

  • Consistent protection spans enterprise desktops and servers
  • Transparent encryption covers all data: user files, swap files, system files, hidden files and more

Simplified management and deployments

  • Options for silent installation deliver full disk encryption deployments that cause little user disruption
  • A single, Web-based management console gives you automatic, centralized policy enforcement
  • Easy passphrase and machine recovery provide local self-recovery, one-time-use tokens and other recovery options
  • Support for Windows single sign-on means fewer passwords to remember

More About Symantec Drive Encryption

System Requirements

See detailed information about installation, environments, operating systems and other system requirements

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Encryption Options

Drive Encryption is optimized for single users and small groups. If you want encryption with management, try Endpoint Encryption.

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