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Symantec eLibrary Content

Members of the Symantec eLibrary receive free access to hundreds of regularly updated on-demand web-based training modules covering the breadth and depth of the Symantec product portfolio. Modular topics cover installation, configuration, deployment, administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Symantec products in detail. The eLibrary is ideal for supplementing classroom training, accessing as a just-in-time reference, and/or providing training to those who cannot travel or afford time away from the office.

Accessing the eLibrary

You must have a single sign-on account with Symantec in order to access and launch the eLearning content in the Symantec eLibrary. You may already have a single sign-on account if you access any of these Symantec applications: MySymantec, MySupport, PartnerNet, Symantec Licensing Portal, Customer Care, and Symantec Connect. If you already have an account use the login button to sign in.

To Create a new Account, review then follow the below steps:

  • Click here to begin, you will be routed to the Symantec Secure Login page.
  • Click the grey “Create an Account” tab.
  • Complete the Create an Account form. (Note: Your password must contain a number, uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and a special character.)
  • Click the blue “Create Account” button, you will be routed to
  • Review and accept the Terms & Conditions for use of the Symantec Learning Management System, you will be routed to the Symantec eLibrary page where you can browse & access eLibrary content.
  • Note: During the New Account creation process, you will receive a Welcome to Symantec Security Cloud email from, this message is informational for your records, and no action is required.

For more detailed instructions download the How to Access the eLibrary (PDF) guide.

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