Symantec Web & Email Security

The traditional network perimeter is gone – today, the perimeter is where ever the data is.

Security Where You Need It

Users are everywhere and need quick access to data and cloud applications around the clock. In the cloud, on-premises or both, you need to stop inbound and outbound threats targeting your end users, information and key infrastructure. Today’s web & email protection must account for this new reality while balancing security, performance, complexity, and cost.

New Challenges

Blind Spots from encrypted traffic create vulnerabilities

Modern Threats overwhelm old network defenses

Spear Phishing attacks are on the rise

Backhaul Traffic is a costly drag on performance

Require a New Approach

Advanced Proxy

to terminate, inspect and control web and network threats

Complete Cloud Security

to protect IaaS, Saas, web and email

Integrated Services

to orchestrate DLP, data security, access governance, ATP


to detect and stop multi-vector, multi-phased attacks

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