Symantec Network Performance Optimization: PacketShaper and MACH5

Optimize your WAN and Internet

With the joint power of network traffic shaping and WAN optimization, we help boost application performance, improve user experience, and reduce bandwidth costs with advanced caching, acceleration, and network QoS capabilities. Other WAN optimization vendors can’t compete with our patented technologies that deliver unique optimization features for your cloud, internet and WAN environments.

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Leveraging the power of the Global Intelligence Network, the PacketShaper shapes network traffic to protect critical application performance, improve user experience and align resources with business priorities.


MACH5 packs power, flexibility, and scalability into a single appliance delivering performance optimization for data, video, and cloud and web apps in IPv4, IPv6 or mixed environments.

Improve WAN Performance and User Experience

Develop an effective performance strategy with apps from the top WAN optimization vendor

Congestion, latency, protocol design, and sudden bursts of disruptive traffic can all degrade application and network performance on the WAN and internet. With Symantec performance apps, you can gain network and application traffic visibility, optimize performance, and save bandwidth.

  • Gain visibility into bandwidth usage and application traffic
  • Optimize app performance and user experience with protocol and content acceleration
  • Bandwidth management and allocation based on business priorities

Improve Network Visibility and Control

Gain high performance and efficiency

Cloud, mobile and video applications consume enough bandwidth to degrade performance.

Symantec PacketShaper controls bandwidth costs and delivers superior user experience.

A core element of our Network Performance Optimization solutions, PacketShaper integrates with the Symantec Global Intelligence Network to provide real-time traffic discovery and classification of thousands of applications and tens of millions of websites.

  • Improve user experience by guaranteeing bandwidth to latency-sensitive applications
  • Protect performance of key cloud and business apps such as Office 365
  • Limit performance impact from social network sites such as Facebook and YouTube
  • Scale network traffic control by category, application, user, or flow
  • Align network usage with your business priorities

Go Beyond Traditional WAN Optimization

Dramatically improve performance of all applications

Great performance shouldn't be limited to certain applications, or certain users, or certain times of the day. That's why MACH5 goes beyond traditional WAN optimization solutions and dramatically improves the performance of virtually all applications and workflows, from file transfers to backups, email, databases, video, and cloud applications. A cornerstone WAN optimization product within our performance optimization solutions, the MACH5 S200, S400, and S500 families combine optimization features such as symmetric caching, asymmetric caching, protocol acceleration, and compression to deliver high performance across IPv4 or IPv6 environments. And they are deployed in the data center or at the branch to ensure every user, anywhere can enjoy optimal performance and a great user experience.