Symantec Management Center and Reporting

Improve your infrastructure’s visibility, scalability, and effectiveness

Centralized management and reporting for your Symantec Network infrastructure. Enhance web security, mitigate cloud access risks and reduce operational costs.

Symantec Management Center

Centralized visibility and control to reduce management overhead

Management Center provides a unified management environment for the Symantec Security Platform portfolio of products. Management Center brings Symantec’s network, security, and cloud technologies to you under a single umbrella making it easier to deploy, manage, and monitor your security environment. Key benefits include:

  • Centralized configuration, deployment, device monitoring, and backup
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Policy provisioning
  • Role-based access control
  • Integrated CASB and threat visibility
  • Integrated analysis and reporting with policy creation
  • Single console for network, security and cloud
  • Streamlined management & reporting
  • Lower cost of ownership

Symantec Cloud and On-Premises Reporting

Scalable log collection and storage for better reporting and analysis

Create intuitive reports for security specialists, department managers, HR managers, and network administrators who need visibility into all web-related user activity.

Obtain a holistic security posture by correlating logs between ProxySG, Content Analysis, Malware Analysis, BCIS, WAF and WSS.Symantec Reporting lets you:

  • Visualize threats blocked via dashboards and reports
  • Identify potential infected client threats (phoning home to C&C servers)
  • View web activity by User, Group, URLs, and more
  • Drill down to user-level threats and compliance issues
  • Monitor & refine Internet acceptable use policy
  • Identify network bandwidth consumption by user

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