Symantec Malware Analysis Service

Prevent, not just detect, advanced threats using scalable inline malware protection and real-time threat intelligence

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Prevent - Not Just Detect - Advanced Threats

Proactively combat zero-day attacks and advanced threats found in email attachments, downloaded files, and URLs linking to files within emails using cloud-delivered advanced inspection and malware analysis capabilities combined with real-time correlated threat intelligence from the world's largest civilian threat intelligence network.

  • Consistently enforces threat protection policies across all users and devices, including mobile and remote office users
  • Leverage Web Security Service or Proxy SG’s ability to decrypt SSL traffic and pre-filter/block known threats
  • Prevent the entry of advanced threats that are designed to evade Next Generation Firewalls by leveraging Symantec’s proxy-based architecture
  • Send risky files to cloud sandbox for deep inspection & behavioral analysis

Combat First-Client Infections from Unknown Malware Using Cloud Sandboxing

Thwart unknown and zero-day malware attacks using advanced behavioral analysis and deep file inspection

  • Leverage capabilities including Windows process emulation, file and URL reputation, static code analysis, and YARA rules to defeat attacker’s evasion techniques and prevent client infections
  • Utilize best of breed Symantec and 3rd-party analysis engines
  • Fully detonate suspicious samples on Windows and Android operating systems
  • Protection across a wide range of file types including, MS Office, Adobe PDF, Java, executables, archives, as well as multiple OS environments
  • Secure your mobile workforce using mobile platform sandboxing and an available Unified Agent

Complete Threat Visibility with Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

Gain real-time visibility and understanding on all identified threats and malicious behaviors

  • Generate granular reports by threat type and detection engine to give you the forensics and insight needed for remediation
  • Set up e-mail alerts to see results from non-real-time scanning
  • Review full threat detonation reports with details on events, results and Indicators of Compromise (IOC)

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