Symantec Cloud Workload Protection Suite

Automate security for your public cloud workloads and containers, and scan Amazon S3 buckets for malware with cloud-native protection that integrates with DevOps and CI/CD pipelines

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Symantec CWP and CWP for Storage integrate natively with public cloud APIs to provide elastic, scalable security for workloads and storage

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CWP Named CRN Cloud Security Product of the Year for 2018

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Cloud Workload Protection

Automatic Discovery and Visibility of Public Cloud Workloads.

  • Continuous visibility of workloads deployed across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Automatic discovery of software services on workloads
  • Automatic identification of workload security postures
  • Real-time visibility into infrastructure changes

Apply Leading-edge Security Across Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Single cloud-based console protects workloads across public clouds, private clouds, and physical on-premises data centers

  • Cloud Bridge enables management of on-premises Symantec Data Center Security agents from CWP console
  • Protection and monitoring for Docker containers
  • Unique application isolation blocks exploits targeting known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • OS hardening stops zero-day threats
  • Real-time file integrity monitoring (RT-FIM) prevents unauthorized changes
  • Real-time user activity and application process monitoring identifies suspicious behaviors

Learn how Symantec Cloud Workload Protection can secure all of your hybrid cloud workload infrastructure:


Elastic, Cloud-Native Protection

Workload deployments can scale rapidly up or down. Your security solution should be able to keep up.

  • Security scales automatically with dynamic cloud infrastructure 
  • Cloud-native integration with public cloud platforms enables DevOps to build security directly into service deployment workflows
  • Flexible pay-for-use and annual subscription pricing models support agile business planning

See how Symantec uses Cloud Workload Protection to secure our cloud security offerings.


Cloud Workload Protection Anti-malware

Cloud Workload Protection provides the industry's first cloud-native Multilayered Anti-malware scanning to help keep your compute instances free of threats using the latest Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP 14) anti-malware technologies.

  • First cloud-native anti-malware offering in the industry
  • First cloud workload protection agent providing both anti-malware and hardening
  • Multilayered, on-demand, and scheduled anti-malware scanning for compute instances, servers, and containers to help block malware-based attacks such as ransomware
  • Uses industry-leading SEP anti-malware technologies such as advanced machine learning, file reputation analysis, and hardening to help discover and block unknown threats
  • SEP has received numerous awards and accolades from leading industry analysts and testing organizations for its single-agent design and security efficacy
  • CWP Anti-malware also available as an efficient anti-malware only agent where full hardening capabilities are not required


Security for Containers

Protect and Monitor Your Containers in the Cloud and On-prem

Containers improve agility for businesses and DevOps practitioners, however they can also bring security challenges and vulnerabilities that increase risk. CWP helps to secure Docker containers at the host level, providing visibility into your container environment while protecting the entire workload, even the storage. This homogeneous approach to security ensures the safe usage of containers while native integration with cloud provider APIs enables integration with DevOps workflows.

  • Secure container deployments across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • Discover and gain insight into container activities, security postures, and status across your public and hybrid cloud environments
  • Identify attacks and malware targeting container infrastructure, even at the kernel level, and block them before they can propagate 
  • Application control, isolation, and executable-level network controls automate response to new vulnerabilities and attacks



Cloud Workload Protection for Storage

Anti-malware scanning and public accessibility alerting for your Amazon S3 buckets.

Many apps and services running on AWS utilize S3 buckets for storage. Over time, storage can become contaminated with malware, ransomware, and other threats - either from attackers, unwitting users, or other resources. In addition, buckets with misconfigured or public accessibility can result in data breaches. Cloud Workload Protection for Storage automatically discovers and scans S3 buckets using Symantec's suite of anti-malware technologies to keep your cloud storage clean and ensure that buckets are not publicly accessible.

  • Automatic and scheduled scanning of S3 buckets helps to discover malware and prevent infection of cloud applications, services, and users
  • Helps to protect against data breaches by discovering and alerting when S3 buckets are misconfigured or exposed to the public internet
  • Discovers and blocks the latest threats using Symantec's suite of anti-malware technologies including reputation analysis and advanced machine learning
  • Enables secure adoption of containers and serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda
  • Automatic protection of S3 buckets minimizes DevOps and administrative workloads
  • Threat scanning infrastructure scales elastically with load for cost optimization



Cloud Workload Assurance for IaaS

Avoid careless cloud configurations that expose your data and violate compliance mandates

  • Cloud security posture management for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure
  • Automatically discover new and existing resources being spun up by developers with cloud-native scanning
  • Continously monitor and remediate configuration errors that expose your data to the public internet
  • Assess and report on compliance using out-of-the-box policies for industry standards and regulations such as CIS, NIST, PCI, and HIPAA—significantly reducing manual auditing

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License and Service Terms & Repository

Public Cloud Platform Support
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Automated Policy Recommendations Included For:
  • LAMP Stack
    • OS: Amazon Linux, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Oracle Enterprise Linux 
    • Applications: Apache, Tomcat, PHP, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle
  • Windows
    • OS: Win 2008, 2012, 2016
    • Applications: IIS, SQL Server

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