GDPR - Customer Data Processing Addendum

Please download the Symantec GDPR Customer Data Processing Addendum in the language of your choice from the links below. Please execute page 6 of the English, Spanish or Italian version, or page 7 of the German or French version. You do NOT need to fill in or execute Exhibit 1 or its annexes. Those are illustrative terms of the standard contractual clauses that Symantec entities will execute on your behalf if, as and when required.

Please return the executed copy to

IMPORTANT - The GDPR Customer DPA is designed to serve as the binding contract referred to in Article 28 (3) of the GDPR between Symantec (as processor or sub-processor) and customers using Symantec solutions (as controllers). The Customer DPA is not applicable to Symantec Partners*, who are invited to refer to and use the Partner Data Processing Addendum (Partner DPA) available for them to download on PartnerNet.

*Where such Symantec Partner has a channel partner agreements in place with Symantec, such as a distribution, reseller and/or any other channel agreements or program terms and conditions, but is not a Symantec end user customer or service provider.