Technology Integration Partner Program

The Technology Integration Partner Program empowers technology partners to integrate and certify their solutions with Symantec's product portfolio resulting in access to greater market opportunities.

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Technology Integration Partner Program

Our mission is to solve the cyber security industry fragmentation, disconnected tools, operational headaches and lack of cohesion. Symantec is passionate about creating incredible value for our customers by deeply integrating our platform with others. We believe in removing complexity, being the connective tissue, and working together with other cyber security companies to enhance cyber defense.

TIPP is bringing together Cyber Defense.

TIPP Integrations

Together with our technology partners, we have developed over 250 unique integrations, connecting the Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense platform with 3rd party products and services. View the Integration map and simply mouse over and click either the Symantec products or partner solutions to view all the integrations, including guides, data sheets and videos.


TIPP Members

We have over 120 Technology Integration members today split between Access, Premier and Elite tiers. Premier and Elite partners have worked closely with Symantec to engineer custom integrations across our Integrated Cyber Defense Platform.


Which partner program is right for you?

We are open to work with all cyber security companies small and large that have the same desire as Symantec to fix the security fragmentation problem and integrate our solutions for the betterment of the industry.


Established cyber security software vendor

If you are a more established cyber security software vendor, we would welcome you to enroll in Technology Integration Partner Program, TIPP where we have 3 tiers of partnership, Access, to Premier and Elite.



If you’re a startup with less than $30M invested and under $10M in annual revenues, we would welcome you into the TIPP Innovation Playground program.


Reseller or service integrator

If you are a reseller or service integrator, please take a look at our Secure One program.


Learn more about TIPP

TIPP provides technology partners with everything necessary to develop innovative and differentiated product and service offerings that complement and extend the Symantec solution portfolio. In return, TIPs gain access to Symantec technology, tools, and support, resulting in integrated solutions delivered to market faster and more efficiently.

Integration partners have access to a set of fundamental program services, including Symantec software licenses, installation and configuration support, and use of the Technology Integration Partner logo to promote the relationship. Additional benefits are available to Technology Integration Partners with a deeper level of engagement.


Elite Partner Membership

Admission to the Elite Partner level is by invitation only and at Symantec's sole discretion. We may offer additional benefits that are not available to partners at other program levels.

Premier Partner Membership

Advancement into our Premier Partner level is achieved when the Technology Integration Partner has demonstrated meaningful collaboration in addition to multiple strategic integrations with Symantec products.


Access Partner Membership

Acceptance into our Technology Integration Partner Program starts at the Access Partner level. Access Partners create integrations that complement or enhance Symantec product capabilities.

Technology Integration Solution Tracks

To view our Technology partner eco-system by solution area, click one of the seven areas below, from vendors who work with us in the private or public cloud, to companies who integrate to develop better workflow around threat protection. 

Cloud Connect

Securing the cloud generation with integrated solutions directly into Symantec Cloud Security solutions.


Data Loss Prevention

Drive total protection of your sensitive data with the most comprehensive detection technologies and unified policies of Symantec's industry leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP).


Encrypted Traffic Management

Eliminate encrypted traffic blind spots and help combat the security threats hidden in encrypted traffic with integrated partner solutions.



Ensure that only the right people on the right devices are accessing your sensitive information.


Messaging Security

Secure your cloud and on-premises email by blocking malware, spam and targeted attacks with the highest effectiveness and accuracy. Keep your emails secure and confidential by controlling sensitive data.


Threat Protection

Full visibility into any activity—from network, to email, to endpoint—allowing you to perform advanced forensics from a "system of record" and orchestrate swift and precise incident response.


Web Protection

Security vendors who deeply integrate directly into the Symantec Web Protection platform to provide additional options for multi-stage content inspection and sandboxing solutions.


Learn more about TIPP Innovation Playground

No single company in the cyber security market has all the answers and that's where partnerships play a big role. It's also the reason why we've created the TIPP Innovation Playground, a new program where cyber security startups can team up with Symantec to solve problems faster.

Here are some benefits you'll enjoy:

  • Access to regular workshops with Symantec engineering and product teams
  • Use of Symantec's ICDx ecosystem and Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform
  • Access to Symantec Product APIs  

To enroll into the TIPP Innovation Playground program, complete the application and email it to