New York’s Westchester County Focuses on Risk Mitigation

County government reduces IT risk with Symantec partnership

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Westchester County’s Department of Information Technology supports 30 specialized departments and divisions, as well as a number of noncore IT services across the county. The sheer size of the county and diversity of support activities makes securing systems and assets a complex activity. To strengthen security overall, the county partnered with Symantec to implement a number of solutions and provide comprehensive, end-to-end protection that significantly reduced risk countywide.

The Challenge

Filling security gaps to mitigate risks

To strengthen overall security, Westchester County needed an industry partner that could serve as the backbone of operations, as well as offer:

  • Integration with other solutions deployed across the county
  • A complete portfolio of solutions to fill any security gaps 
  • A holistic approach to cybersecurity that includes managed services 
Westchester County

The Solution

End-to-end protection for all County systems

Symantec worked with Westchester County's IT organization to implement and manage a comprehensive, end-to-end protection for all county systems and information, significantly improving Westchester County’s overall security posture and, importantly, reducing risk.

The Solution


  • Increased security for county systems and operations
  • Reduced risk across the entire county IT environment
  • An adaptive security infrastructure that can evolve with the threat environment