TNT uses Symantec ProxySG and Symantec PacketShaper

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TNT N.V., a global transportation and distribution company, was having trouble managing internet access and application performance for its 160,000 employees until it turned to Symantec ProxySG and Symantec PacketShaper and reduced bandwidth consumption by 60 percent.

The Challenge

Reduce bandwidth consumption and cost

TNT was finding it increasingly difficult to globally manage internet access for its employees and needed a solution to speed up access to web content, regulate unacceptable usage, and reduce upstream bandwidth usage and cost. It also needed a solution that could accelerate the full range of TNT’s applications, particularly those in Asia where latency is a problem.

The Solution

Symantec ProxySG and Symantec PacketShaper

TNT evaluated a number of solutions on the market before it selected Symantec ProxySG appliances as a secure web gateway solution for managing internet access. ProxySG appliances identify users down to the specific individual to ensure TNT can centrally control access across its regions. Symantec PacketShaper appliances support its internet gateway and prioritizes traffic according to business needs. Today, TNT has Symantec appliances in 30 countries across the globe to manage and optimize internet content and applications. The company is now in the process of migrating to the full capability of Symantec ProxySG appliances by adding WAN optimization.


  • Significantly improved performance and reduced bandwidth of applications
  • Reduced bandwidth consumption by up to 60 percent
  • Delivered LAN-like performance to users
  • Improved performance by mitigating the impact that latency has on applications
  • Managed its internet-use policies around the world

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