Swinton Insurance

Symantec Managed Security Services makes 24×7 threat and security log monitoring cost-effective

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The Challenge

Swinton Insurance needed to collect and use security information more effectively to create better customer outcomes and comply with industry regulations.  Swinton saw a need to:

  • protect their sensitive customer information
  • develop a robust information and IT security strategy
  • manage and get value from legacy systems

The Solution

Symantec Managed Security Services helps create a strategic security roadmap, reducing security response from days to hours

  • Time to threat remediation reduced from several days to a few hours
  • 24×7×365 coverage without doubling the size of the internal team
  • Significantly reduced costs while improving security compliance and best practices
  • Ability to make informed decisions and take action against threats more quickly
  • Trusted provider with specialist knowledge and capability
  • Partnership model with Softcat delivers additional business value

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