pax8 customer uses Symantec Email

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pax8, a cloud service distributor based in Colorado, helps customers take advantage of the latest innovations in the cloud. One of its customers unexpectedly lost its email security provider and turned to pax8 and Symantec for help. The customer was able to migrate to Symantec Email in one hour and protect itself and its customers against malicious links and attachments in email.

The Challenge

Finding a reliable and effective email security solution

A pax8 customer had spent six months migrating to a new email security provider when the provider suddenly announced it was no longer offering the service. The customer had to immediately find another company that would not abandon it in the future and provide the strong email security it needed.

The Solution

Symantec Email

After looking at four other vendors, a pax8 customer narrowed the selection to just a few and then conducted a proof of concept. Initially, it selected a pax8 and Symantec competitor based only on price. But as the customer started to migrate the new service, it quickly realized the solution would not meet its expectations. “The solution was all smoke and mirrors,” says Jared Pangretic, cloud solutions manager at pax8. The customer switched to pax8 and Symantec and initially deployed Symantec Email to its own 350-seat account, and within days was satisfied the solution matched its promise.


  • Migrated customer to new email security platform in just one hour
  • Protect against malicious links and attachments in email
  • Stop spam and malware in cloud-based email
  • Blocked threats at the perimeter before they even got to the inbox

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