Makro Atacadista

Makro Atacadista uses Symantec Director and Symantec ProxySG

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With rapid growth, Makro Atacadista, a cash-and-carry wholesaler with 76 stores across Brazil, was experiencing poor performance with its critical business applications—frustrating employees and customers. By deploying Symantec™ Director and Symantec ProxySG, Makro optimized its wide-area network (WAN) and improved bandwidth performance by a factor of 10.

The Challenge

Accelerate application performance without sacrificing security

Rapid growth requires scalable IT solutions. As Makro’s WAN grew, critical business applications centralized in its data center began to perform poorly. In addition to the growing volume of network traffic, the slowdown was attributed to the competition among business-critical applications, including the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. Makro needed a solution that could accelerate a variety of applications across its network as well as provide web security and control to its individual stores and at its corporate headquarters.

The Solution

Symantec Director and Symantec ProxySG

After a thorough evaluation, Makro chose WAN acceleration provided by Symantec ProxySG appliances with MACH 5 technology as well as Symantec Director for centralized management. Makro chose Symantec because of its ability to improve application performance and the tight integration between WAN optimization and web security technologies. ProxySG appliances are deployed at Makro’s headquarters and at 74 wholesale stores across Brazil.


  • Improves performance of business-critical applications over a satellite-based MPLS network
  • Increases bandwidth 10 times due to WAN optimization
  • Reduces technical support calls about application performance by a factor of 10

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