How KORAMIS uses Symantec technology to protect demanding industrial networks

Leading systems integrator protects IIoT from cyber attacks

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A key partner of Symantec in the growing market for IoT security, KORAMIS is one of the leading systems integrators in the field of industrial security and is considered a renowned specialist for the protection of IIoT environments against malware and cyber attacks.

The Challenge

As organizations seek to harness the power of open, networked infrastructures and flexible, increasingly cloud-based technologies, the opening-up and expansion of networks leads to potential pitfalls. Each new system increases the potential attack surface, as well as the complexity of their infrastructures. As a result, Industrial environments are becoming increasingly targeted by cybercriminals worldwide.

The Solution

Symantec Critical System Protection and Symantec Industrial Control System Protection deliver signature-free protection of historically grown, heterogeneous production environments against advanced threats and cyber attacks.


  • Holistic consulting for protection of critical industrial environments
  • Malware analysis, monitoring and policy enforcement for secure integration of removable media in IIoT environments
  • Extension of the EOL/EOB of critical control systems

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