Customer Success: Hyundai Department Store Group

Hyundai Department Store Group scores a data security and compliance win with Symantec

Department store sharpens competitive edge with Symantec security solutions

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South Korea-based Hyundai Department Store Group needed to protect its sensitive business and customer data and comply with the South Korean Personal Information Protection Act, which requires written documentation of data security measures and use policies. Discover how Symantec Data Loss Prevention and Symantec Business Critical Services helped strengthen Hyundai Department Store's information security and sharpened its competitive edge.

The Challenge

Protecting customer data to achieve trust and compliance

Hyundai Department Store Group collects sensitive customer information, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers. Its brand reputation and customer trust are on the line if any of this data is lost, compromised, or accidentally leaked by employees. Jung Min, manager of information security at the company, needed a stable and robust solution that protects data and complies with the South Korean Personal Information Protection Act. Discover why Symantec was the clear choice.

The Solution

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Jung Min and his team compared offerings from several Korean vendors with Symantec Data Loss Prevention, a comprehensive solution that discovers, monitors, and protects confidential data. After conducting  a benchmarking test based on specific criteria, Data Loss Prevention, in conjunction with Business Critical Services, Symantec's premium support services offering, proved to be the most solid solution.


  • A 70 percent reduction in potential data security risks, with further reduction expected
  • Dozens of instances of potentially insecure data deleted from endpoints
  • Increased employee awareness of security policies
  • Public relations advantage by implementing a data loss prevention solution before competitors

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