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ECI Telecom completed a successful implementation of Symantec Advanced Threat Protection for Endpoint and Network, and then after the initial release of Microsoft Office 365, CISO Alan Idelson looked to transition their core services to the cloud. Find out how ECI discovered the ease of integration with Symantec Endpoint Protection, Alan provide an account of how cloud-based detection of sensitive data within Symantec Data Loss Prevention Cloud Service for Email allowed them to make that move. In addition we have a case study outlining ECI Telecom's implementation of Symantec ATP solutions.

The Challenge

ECI recognized a need to bring their endpoint protection in line with the latest technology

With an ever-changing threat landscape and increasingly complex, targeted threats, ECI needed to accurately detect endpoint-targeted attacks and leverage a solution that could be implemented without the need for additional resources or the deployment of more endpoint agents.

The Solution

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection for Endpoint and Network

With a history of early adoption with new threat remediation technologies, ECI Telecom had implemented the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection. This offered them a great platform from which to implement the Advanced Threat Protection modules for Endpoint and Network across 99.5% of ECI’s endpoint terminals.


  • Increased incident response capabilities without deploying a new agent
  • Easy prioritisation of incidents through integration with Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Investigation of advanced attack incidents using the existing team
  • Single product that enables detection, investigation, and remediation across control points
  • Single console to manage global sites
  • Integrates with existing SIEM and IT Ticket systems

The Challenge

  • Need to support company-wide transition to cloud services while avoiding reduction in data visibility and security
  • Need to enhance security posture following release of Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online email system
  • Discovered gaps in visibility of traffic, data movement and protection during testing of cloud-based Microsoft Exchange
  • Lack of options in terms of cloud-based data loss prevention solutions until Symantec DLP Cloud "Early Adoption" program
  • Requirement to continue to detect and remediate data policy issues in real time before potential leaks

The Solution

Early adoption of Symantec Data Loss Prevention Cloud Service for Email

  • Automatic alerts are triggered by security policy violations with minimal false positives
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Symantec Email Safeguard delivering antimalware, antispam, data protection and policy-based encryption
  • Protection of 2,000+ Exchange Online users with visibility to understand and manage risks

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