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Symantec is the global leader in cyber security. By operating one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks, we help companies, governments and individuals secure their most important data wherever it lives. We are well-positioned to address the evolving cyber security threat landscape, changes introduced by the shift to mobile and cloud, and challenges created by regulatory and privacy concerns.

While protecting information is the purpose of our business, we believe it is also a central element of corporate responsibility for every company in the digital age. Much of the vast amount of data flowing around the globe is personal and confidential information. The lure of this data has prompted an unprecedented surge in cyber crime activity such as identity theft and online fraud, as reported in our annual Internet Security Threat Report. We reach out to customers and communities to share information about cyber risk, participate in shaping public policy and work with law enforcement officials around the globe to fight cyber crime. 

Explore the following sections to learn more:

Cyber Career Connection

Our workforce development program prepares underrepresented young adults and veterans to fill entry level cyber security jobs and enter long-term careers.

Info Protection and Privacy

Symantec has strict programs and policies to ensure our customers' and employees’ privacy. Read more about these programs and policies at

Online Safety

We offer cyber safety educational tools to address new and emerging risks to children's online safety.

Fostering A Secure Tomorrow

We’re investing in identity theft protections for foster youth by presenting new volunteer opportunities for our employees and partnering with nonprofit community organizations to provide online resources, in-person training, educational information and other tools to help protect young people against identity theft and other related cyber risks.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Symantec is committed to delivering innovative products to our customers. We also want to make doing business with us easier. In order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, we strive to deliver a consistent experience to each of our customer segments. We are working hard to infuse our brand vision, mission, and values into every interaction—in other words, to help customers keep their data safe no matter where it lives.

To learn more about our approach, please visit the 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report.