Software Donation Program

Across the world, social benefit organizations play a vital role in supporting the diverse needs of their communities. From small public libraries that sponsor adult literacy programs to food banks feeding the hungry, these organizations face rising demands on their services. At the same time, they often lack the resources required to secure the sensitive data their employees and volunteers handle on a daily basis.

Symantec's software donation program exists to help social benefit organizations stay safe online in our increasingly interconnected world. Over the course of our 16 year-long partnership with TechSoup, we’ve distributed over 3.3 million donated products to over 102,000 nonprofits and public libraries.


Who is helped?

"Failure to protect the personal information of every refugee we support will directly lead to the harmful risk for the refugees. Therefore, by introducing Symantec Endpoint Protection to all client PCs and servers, we minimize such risks and make it possible to support refugees without risks. Information security is one of the most important elements of the organization because of the nature of the business that supports individuals who escaped ... the risk of persecution."

— Mr. Masaru Yoshiyama, Japan Association for Refugees, Director and Secretary General

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"We have a lot of data because we feel that it is very relevant to understanding situations in the rural context and to making appropriate decisions. In the past, we just stopped anybody from using the Internet until we did a backup of everyone's data, and once we were secure with that, we would say, 'OK, the Internet is open again. These days, she says she and her organization can rest easy, knowing that all their valuable information is aptly protected from viruses, malware, and cyberattacks. We depend on Symantec in order to help us be secure.”

— Dr. Marcella D’Souza, Watershed Organization Trust, Executive Director

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Are you an employee, volunteer, or supporter of a nonprofit or public library interested in Symantec’s offerings? Visit TechSoup to register your organization. Please note that some requirements do apply: you must be a either a nonprofit with charitable, tax-exempt status or a public library with an annual operating budget of no more than $10 million USD, and certain mission types are ineligible.