Community Relations

At Symantec, we believe that together, we have the power to change the world and make it a better, safer place.  

Our model for community investment is strategic and aligned to our business priorities and objectives, enabling us to maximize our impact through strategic partnerships with leading non-profits, monetary and product donations, and mobilizing employees’ time and talents.

Our philanthropic focus areas include:

  • Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education emphasizing computer science and cyber security
  • Diversity
  • Online safety
  • Environmental responsibility

Philanthropic Giving (in US dollars)

  FY18 FY17 FY16 FY15
Total Giving 23,153,000 25,292,0000 26,726,000 31,753,000
Grants and Sponsorships 2,467,000 4,318,000 3,635,000 3,808,000
Matching Gifts, Dollars for Doers 1,402,000 1,086,000 814,000 1,060,000
Software Donations* 19,284,000 18,772,000 20,802,000 25,399,000
Symantec Foundation 0 1,116,000 1,475,000 1,486,000

We are deeply committed to qualified and diverse STEM talent, emphasizing cyber security and computer science. Through education, mentorship, volunteering and partnering with leading STEM advocates, we hope to change the status quo, close the gender and diversity gap in STEM and build a robust talent pipeline. Through partners such as the World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts (WAGGGS), the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, American Association of University Women and others, we engage and inspire young females and underserved populations to let go of stereotypes, realize the opportunities in STEM and pursue their passions.

With security at the core of our business, we focus significant resources on educating parents, schools, and students about safe and ethical practices on the Internet. Several programs raise awareness of Internet threats—such as online predators and cyber-bullying—among school administrators, teachers, librarians, and counselors so that they in turn can teach students how to handle such situations responsibly. Read more about our efforts to promote online safety in the Your Information section.

Responsible environmental practices are necessary for a sustainable future for technology. Thus, Symantec contributes to organizations that work in resource conservation and promote Green IT practices. Additionally, we continue to expand our hardware donation program, giving a second life to out-of-warranty employee laptops. Nonprofit organizations can apply online to receive a hardware donation.


At Symantec, employees are key players in the success and expansion of our Corporate Responsibility program. The activism, advocacy, and passion of employees on the ground is what transforms our corporate responsibility strategy into tangible, real-world results. We’re committed to building a culture that enables employees to apply their time and talents to the issues they care most deeply about, and have designed a competitive benefits program to encourage and maximize volunteer and philanthropic efforts. These include our Matching Gift; Dollars for Doers; Nonprofit Board Service; and Symantec Service Time Programs, which provides employees with up to five paid working days for volunteering.

Each quarter we highlight outstanding efforts in volunteering through our Volunteer of the Quarter.

Sponsored at the senior executive level in many regions, our global employee Green Teams help to create a culture of environmental responsibility. They continue to expand and help us minimize every day resource impacts as well as providing the platform for larger community impact on environmental issues. The Green Teams are an integral piece of our corporate culture, working on common and grass root causes, which promote and encourage environmental volunteering initiatives that help us to achieve our corporate goals.