Our Approach

At Symantec, corporate responsibility and positive societal impact are core to our business strategy. Integrity is a cornerstone of our mission and values, and helps define our winning culture. We build relationships with nonprofit charitable organizations, public policy and education partners, as well as across our internal teams, and we work in collaboration to make a positive impact and difference in the world.

We believe that integrating corporate responsibility into every aspect of our business helps us achieve our mission to help companies, governments and individuals secure their most important data wherever it lives. Corporate responsibility is an extension of our company’s mission and we create and manage each of our initiatives and resources strategically to add value to the company and our customers.

This approach is observed across the entire company. It begins with clear expectations for ethical and responsible operation set by the highest levels of management, who receive regular progress briefings on the company’s programs, including quarterly updates on diversity, ethics, environmental performance and community investment.

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Managing Corporate Responsibility

Symantec seeks to integrate corporate responsibility into every facet of our business operations. Read more about how we manage corporate responsibility at symantec.com.

Stakeholder Engagement

Symantec regularly communicates our corporate responsibility efforts to our stakeholders. Read more about how we engage with different stakeholders at symantec.com.

Governance and Ethics

Symantec adheres to corporate governance best practices. Read more about our corporate governance and ethics standards and policies at symantec.com.

Public Policy

Symantec participates in the development of public policies that impact our industry. Read more about our engagements in public policy at symantec.com.

The United Nations Global Compact

Symantec is committed to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Impact. Read more about what that means to our employees and customers at symantec.com.